Workshops & Seminars

Mila Lova offers seminars and continuing education workshops on a variety of topics in the exercise, fitness and movement realms, ranging from osteoporosis to joint health and stability to Pilates for sports.

For the movement and exercise professional (continuing education) :

  • Osteoporosis in Depth: Recommendations& New Perspectives
    *offers CECs through the Pilates Method Alliance
  • Wonky Bodies: Exploring Hypermobility
    *offers CECs through the Pilates Method Alliance
  • Pilates for Rotational Sports
  • Out of the Hips and into the Abs: Hip Mobility for a Trimmer Tummy
  • Tight Hips, Painful Back: Connecting the Lumbo-pelvic Region
  • Shoulders, Neck and Spine: A 3-Step Approach to Alignment and Function

For the non-exercise professional:

  • Corporate Pain: “The Computer Slump” and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Understanding Osteoporosis & Bone Health: Safe Exercise for a Strong Body
  • Shoulders, Neck & Wrists: Restoring Motion and Function through Pilates
  • The Post-Partum Body: Restoring Your Figure After the Baby

Mila Lova brings to her workshops a well-rounded perspective; her academic and varied experiences combine years of study with a personal pursuit of reversing her osteoporosis and finding relief from multiple injuries and myofascial pain syndrome. Whether educating Pilates instructors and trainers about bone health or informing new mothers about post-partum fitness, Rebekah’s inspiring and personable approach offers expertise in an informative yet accessible manner.

To organize a workshop or speaking engagement at your studio, spa, gym, hospital, clinic or other facility, please email a request.