Hello Everyone – Privet – Bonjour – Ciao !

In 2011, I decided to share my passion for Fitness with you all and started this Blog.

But first things first :)

My name is Mila. I was born in Moscow, Russia.

I love Ballet. At the age of 5, I started my first Ballet classes. With 7 I  joined the Moscow Academy of Choreography where I studied Classical Dance for 10 years.

With 18 I decided to enlarge my spectrum and I started practicing all different types of dance: Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, etc.

It was an amazing time during which I had the chance to accumulate various experiences, from Musicals to working and dancing with famous Russian Singers and Stars.

Two years later I joined the Aerobic and Fitness University Faculty to become a certified Fitness Trainer.

After having trained Russian VIPs in Moscow  for some time, I made myself on the way and toured Europe to discover other facets and methods of the Fitness Industry… to finally fell in love with Pilates.

In 2006 I moved to Milan, Italy, to complete the CovaTech school of Ana Maria Cova. Two years later, in 2008, I became a Pilates Master with international certification in PMA.

Since then I live in Switzerland with my little daugther and am a personal Health Trainer for international VIPs and teach classes in exclusive Health Clubs throughout Europe.

I look forward to seeing you regularly on my Blog.

Love Life

flexible body – flexible mind